Installing rails applications with thin server + nginx proxy

Aplicação exemplo: Redmine

Dentro do diretorio do Redmine, executar:
Considerando que a base de dados já está configurada, a aplicação já poderá ser iniciada. Para configurar base de dados, ver:

Em casos de migração, erros desse tipo podem acontecer:

You have already activated rack 1.6.4, but your Gemfile requires rack 1.6.1. Prepending bundle exec to your command may solve this. (Gem::LoadError)

ou apenas

Active Directory Powershell with CSV cmdlets to manage a bulk of objects

Import a lot of users into Active Directory can be a hard job if you do this one by one, but with Import-CSV cmdlet, this task could be easier. In this post we show how do this to select, create, change and delete users or another objects (computers/groups). We use cmdlets to manage users, but the same idea can be used for infinite things that an administrator need to do everyday. Leia Mais

Installing OCS Inventory NG on CentOS 7

On the server

On the clients

Open browser URL

http://ip_of_server/ocsreports and set MySQL configurations

Problems with ocsinventory-server and CentOS 7 using external database

After install ocsinventory, you may see this error:

This is because the variable of database connection are undefined. The reason is that the “install.php” don’t changed informations of host, username and password for MySQL on apache configuration. Set this and restart apache.

Configurations in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ocsinventory-server.conf