How-to install python applications environments with uWSGI + Nginx on RHEL7 (Red Hat / CentOS)

Instructions step-by-step of how to install uWSGI (python web server) using unix sockets with multiple applications configured, under HTTP proxy on Nginx web server.


Browser request -> Nginx -> uWSGI


Installed python 2.7


  • Install pip
Additional information:

  • Install virtualenvwrapper
Additional information:

  • Install development tools package group
or (in portuguese language)
See available groups with command: yum groups list

  • Install python development
  • Install uWSGI
  • Loading systemd configuration
  • Multi-environmnet configuration
  • In the case of environment migration with different path (for example: /srv/python/Env), run these commands before move to a new path:
  • Configurations for SELINUX
  • Example of an uWSGI app configuration
  • NGINX config

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